5 Simple Tips Every Parent Should Know To Prevent Obesity

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Parents, sadly obesity is becoming more and more common in children. There are no medications or magic pills when it comes to being healthy. It is all about your lifestyle. Therefore, here are 5 simple lifestyle tips that every parent should know so that they can help ensure a healthy life for their child/children.

5 Simple Tips:

Get 8 hrs of sleep! Sleep is important to prevent obesity because sleep deprivation has been linked to increased obesity. When you don’t get good sleep, your hormones become imbalanced and you tend to produce more ghrelin which can lead to overeating. Sleep also helps you recover from exercise and build lean muscle. Your body needs the time to heal and recover. Sleep is so vital and the key to set you up to succeed with the rest of the tips below!
Play outside for at least 30 minutes a day! You want to make sure it is something that gets your heart rate up and breaks a sweat. Try to find something fun you enjoy doing like swimming, walking, playing a sport, riding your bike, etc. It's best if the whole family can join in together.
Portion control! Portion sizes have become bigger and bigger over the years. The more food you put on your plate, the more you are going to eat. Learn about the right portion sizes by visiting my plate to see more on the right sizes (https://www.myplate.gov/eat-healthy/what-is-myplate). Another tip that helps is to eat your vegetables first followed by the rest of your meal. Half your plate should be vegetables. Eat smaller, more frequent meals as well instead of a few large meals.
Limit intake of sugar! This includes candy, sweets, juices, sodas, and flavored milks. Sugar is also linked to stimulating hormones that lead you to overeat. Try to limit to less than 25 grams of added sugar a day!
Drink plenty of water! This will help keep you hydrated (dehydration can mimic hunger) as well as keep you feeling full. You can add fresh fruit to it to add flavor for kids. But remember kids should drink water, not juice!
Remember, your child looks to you for guidance and support. Don’t make your child be the only one making these changes. If the whole family leads by example, then everyone will succeed in having a healthy lifestyle!
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