The Most Common Things Kids Swallow & What To Do When It Happens

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Did you know that in the US alone, there are over 100,000 incidents every year of children 3 years old and younger swallowing common household items? While many of these items are harmless, there is still a large number of them that can cause serious permanent damage.

What are the most common objects that children swallow?

Unfortunately, kids swallow all sorts of things. Anything that they can get their hands on can wind up in their mouth. The key is to limit access to these items to reduce the possibility of accidents occurring.

The 5 Most Common Objects that Children Swallow Are:

What do you do if your child swallows one of these objects?

Swallowing anything is scary for the child and parent!

The 1st thing that should be done is call your doctor and go to the nearest emergency room, ideally one that has services for children. There they can do the right testing to see if it needs to be removed by endoscopy or will pass in the stool on its own.

If your child swallows a button battery:

small batteries

If my child swallows a magnet, what does it mean?

small magnets

What do you do if your child swallows something seriously harmful like cleaners or chemicals?

Child with chemicals
Babyproofing cabinets

Simple Baby Proofing Tips from Doctors Who Have Kids

Everyone wants to make sure they provide a safe environment for their children. We all want our kids to have fun but more importantly be safe. These are some simple and some obvious things that we should be doing to our homes for our children.

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